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This page and instructions apply only to the Boox Note Air 3C device owners, who wish to participate in the MDG investigation of the CPU inconsistency issue, specifically some devices reporting 4 core boosting up to 2.4GHz, and others boosting up to 2.8GHz.


The aim of this investigation is:

1. Attempt to identify whether are there indeed different CPUs in different units, or if they are simply being mistakenly reported by the hardware monitor apps.

2. Measure and compare if there are meaningful performance differences between different devices.

3. Try to understand if the 2.8GHz models are a production line mishap, or something else.

If you are an owner of a Boox Note Air 3C, and you wish to help with the investigation, then please follow the directions below. The more data I can gather, the more meaningful and correct the results of the investigation will be, so your help is instrumental in this endeavor.




1. Download and install the "Geekbench 6" app from the Google Play store on your NA3C and run both the CPU and the GPU benchmark tests. (TIP: before running the benchmark tests, go to Settings/Power and set the Auto Sleep option to Never, so that the device doesn't go to sleep while performing the benchmark tests, as they will take quite a long time (TIP: You can plug in the device to a charger, that will make the benchmarking process go a lot faster without affecting the results. This is probably due to some power management prioritization that Boox devices have). Don't forget to return this value to your preference after completing the benchmark tests!

2. Note down the results of the CPU SINGLE, CPU MULTI, and GPU COMPUTE
scores, as well as the CPU name that is displayed, the GHz frequency of both Cluster 1 and 2, and the GPU name.

3. Download and install the "CPU Master" app by Nexus Studio from the Google Play store, and run it.

4. Note down the "CLOCK RANGE", "MODEL" and "MANUFACTURE" that are displayed by the app.

5. Download and install the AIDA64 app from the Google Play Store, and under the CPU tab, note down the SoC Model, both the Snapdragon and SM versions.

6. (OPTIONAL) If you feel comfortable, include the serial number of your device. This information will be held confidential and never shared and will be only used to compile a data set to see if there is a correlation between serial numbers and CPUs being used in devices. The serial number can be found on the back of the device, and it is easiest to read it by taking a photo with a flash. Do NOT send the actual photograph of your serial number, simply write it down and include it along with other data.

7. All of this should be sent to and please use the "Note Air 3C Benchmark Report" as the email subject. (TIP: using the email link above will autofill the subject line for you).


The email sent should have this format:


- CPU NAME: <value>

- CPU CLOCK 1: <value>

- CPU CLOCK 2: <value>

- GPU NAME: <value>


- CPU SINGLE: <value>
- CPU MULTI: <value>
- GPU COMPUTE: <value>



- CLOCK RANGE: <value>
- MODEL: <value>


- SOC MODEL: <value>


- S/N: <value>

Feel free to copy the format above into the body of your email and simply fill in the values with the results of your device's tests.

IMPORTANT! Please DO NOT send me photos or screenshots of any kind or any additional information, other than the one asked here. If you want to participate in this, then please follow the directions laid out. If you feel that you can't adhere to the directions laid out, then kindly don't participate, as it will be difficult enough for me to sort through the data as it is, and I don't need additional distractions in the form of non-pertinent data and information being sent in. This is the data that I need, and please provide only that data and nothing else, thank you :)

I think that it is important to conduct an independent investigation of this issue, but this can be done only with your help, so I do hope that you provide enough data to come to a meaningful conclusion about this matter.

Thank you! :)

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