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MDG Meeting Planner is the ideal digital meeting planner to help you centralize, simplify, and organize your meetings. It has been carefully designed to work seamlessly with Remarkable 2 (or 1), all Boox devices, and Supernote devices (Other devices are supported as well, such as Kobo Elipsa, Elipsa 2E, Sage, and Kindle Scribe, as well as other non-ePaper tablets like iPad and Android Tablets, depending on the device's hyperlink functionality capabilities).


For a full feature and functionality overview, be sure to watch:




MDG Meeting Planner's rich feature set includes:

  • Fully interactive
  • Comprehensive meeting details page covering all of your needs
  • Each meeting page has separate agenda points, each of which has dedicated Notes and Actions linked pages, for meetings with intense needs
  • Centralized Actions sheet on the meeting page, for meetings with lower needs
  • Dedicated section for filling out the Next Meeting details
  • Dedicated Notes Page, per agenda item (links back to associated Meeting Page)
  • Dedicated Actions Page, per agenda item (links back to associated Meeting Page)
  • Index Page offering centralized access and overview over multiple meetings (available on the monthly version only)
  • Easy access to the Index Page from each Meeting Page (available on the monthly version only)
  • Dedicated versions for 7.8", 10.3", and 13.3" devices, maintaining a physical line width of 7mm
  • Monday and Sunday week start document versions included
  • Lined and Dotted versions included


Prices are in USD and are using the comma-decimal separator standard.

MDG Meeting Planner (for Remarkable, Supernote, Boox, and more!)

SKU: MDG0006
Tax Included
  • Intuitive, interactive, easy, and flexible to use, MDG Meeting Planner has been carefully designed and developed to offer a comprehensive, yet effortless way to keep track of your meetings.

    The Monthly version of the planner makes it easy to keep your monthly meetings in one place with easy hyperlinked access to individual meeting notes from the index page, centralizing your workflow, overview, and information management.

    MDG Meeting Planner is a complete solution to your meeting planning and tracking needs.

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