My Daily Organizer is the ideal digital daily organizer for all-year-round use with your Remarkable 2 (and 1), Boox Note, Nova, and Max series, and Supernote A5X (and A6X) devices. (other devices are supported as well, depending on the device's hyperlink functionality capabilities).


My Daily Organizer rich feature set includes:

  • Fully interactive
  • Monday and Sunday week start document versions
  • Year calendar
  • Quarterly organizer
  • Monthly organizer
  • Weekly organizer with 1 extra weekly notes page
  • Daily organizer that offers a daily planner, 2 note pages, and diary for each day in the year
  • UI support added for easy next month, week, day navigation (no more swiping!)
  • 99 cataloged "My Notes" pages, with an improved catalog that offers space for written notes
  • 99 cataloged "My List" pages, with an improved catalog that offers space for written notes
  • Three different cover styles to choose from
  • Left Handed version for the Remarkable platform
  • Multi-platform compatibility and support


For a full feature and functionality overview, be sure to WATCH MY DEEP GUIDE'S PRESENTATION VIDEO OF "MY DAILY ORGANIZER".




My Daily Organizer - 2022

SKU: MDG0002
VAT Included
  • Fully interactive, easy, and intuitive to use it has been carefully designed and developed to offer a comprehensive, yet effortless and seamless all-year-round experience.

    If used daily and in recommended fashion, My Daily Organizer has been designed to significantly improve your productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, and gain deeper insight and understanding into the problematic areas of your current workflow, as well as your personal goals, motivation, focus, and awareness, transforming it into something much more than just a simple daily planner.